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You Can Have Both: How to Balance Dog Ownership with a Full Time Job

by Jessica Brody

For many of us, our dogs and cats are more than just pets. They are four-legged members of our families. They are our companions for life. You might even call them our “fur babies.”


So why is it that some people bond with their dogs the way human parents bond with their babies? As always, the answer can be found in science. Researchers recently discovered that dogs and humans both experience rushes of oxytocin when gazing into each other’s eyes.


Often called the love hormone, oxytocin is a hormone that sends powerful messages through the brain. It is responsible for maternal bonding with infants. It is released during massage, during hugs, and during interactions with those whom we deeply love. Indeed, it is the hormone responsible for feelings of love and affection for others.


In other words, you love your dog - and if oxytocin is any indication, then the latest research is showing us that your dog might love you right back!


Balancing Work with Fetch
As a dog owner, you’ve probably considered the level of commitment required to own a pet. You’ve (hopefully) weighed out the pros and cons of pet ownership and have determined that you can indeed care for a pet while also continuing to pay the bills and work your current job.


How exactly do you make sure that you are giving your pet everything he or she needs while you are working all day? This is a complex question - and luckily, there are several options available to you. In addition to making your home safe for your new furry friend, here are some other things to take into consideration:


Pet-Friendly Offices

If you are fortunate enough to work in a pet-friendly office, why not take advantage of the opportunity? An increasing number of companies are becoming dog-friendly, and a record number of Americans are choosing to run their own businesses - allowing themselves to work from home. These situations offer ideal flexibility for caring for a pet. Even some companies that are not traditionally dog-friendly have been warming to the idea of an occasional “bring your puppy to work” day - so it could be worth asking your current employer!


Dog Walkers and Pet Kennels

Some people work in office environments which welcome pets with open arms - and paws. Luckily, there are still some options available for the rest of us. For instance, you could look into hiring a dog walker or boarder. Having a dog walker, kennel, or trusted friend to assist with caring for your pet is especially important during the first few weeks after adoption. This helps your pet acclimate to his or her new home, while also ensuring the pet is cared for and not feeling neglected or lonely while you’re at work.


If you’re going out of town on vacation or on a business trip, you may want to consider a boarding kennel. Kennels like Shugrem Grooming, Pet Inn & Daycare are ideal for longer stays, such as during a business trip, whereas a doggie daycare would be more ideal while you are working during the day. The bonus for some kennels and daycares is that they also function as groomers. This means your pet can come home clean and trimmed!


If a kennel or daycare is out of your budget, ask a trusted friend if they would be able to assist you with pet sitting while you are gone.


In Conclusion...

There you have it. Whether you can bring your dog with you to work or not, there are several options available for building your relationship with your pet, while also making sure he or she gets proper care and attention while you’re at work.

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