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SHUGREM Grooming was established and opened its doors in October 2013. The facility was built with the idea of comprehensive and compassionate care for animals in a relaxed and beautiful environment. The premises contain a hotel section, grooming installations, vaccination facilities, vending machines and beautiful sales counters, all designed for the entire satisfaction for our customers. Our facility is designed with safety in mind and to facilitate the correct handling and care of all our clients.


Our mission is to celebrate and promote the bond between people and their pets by providing clients the highest quality beauty care, service and pet health education.We strive for a teamwork attitude and an emphasis on communication. We believe that the best care for our client requires a team approach, and that the most important member of that team is the pet’s owner and primary care provider. The role of the team is to provide the pet owner with our best recommendation for the pet’s needs, then work with that client to prioritize those needs, and make a plan that into account what is best for the pet, and best for the care giver.

Be Part of Our Community

We seek to gain our clients’ trust by open communication and by allowing them to be present for any part of their pet’s care, provided that safety is not compromised. In this way, we prevent the anxiety that may be caused by performing procedures behind closed doors. We seek to gain our costumers’ trust by using gentle handling, providing friendly visits and positive reinforcement, and by always trying to anticipate and prevent sources of anxiety and discomfort.

Keys to Success

We take a lifespan approach to each of our customers. We are dedicated to providing care and a good time, from puppy and kitten visits, through adulthood and the geriatric years, and through the old life issues. *We emphasize client education as a critical component to providing high quality pet care.*We develop the staff through regular training, weekly staff meetings, and by delegating responsibilities to staff and allowing them reasonable control of their areas of responsibility.*We use systems such as grooming software and in house protocols that improve client compliance and insure appropriate charge for services rendered.

Health Policies

Ask us about our daycare vaccination policies. We abide by your veterinarian’s vaccination protocol. Most veterinarians recommend puppies have at least two rounds of their vaccination series before going into daycare. Most veterinarians also recommend that dogs who go to kennels, daycares or dog parks get vaccinated for bordetella, the most common cause of tracheobronchitis (kennel cough) in dogs, at least one week in advance. (Some veterinarians recommend yearly bordetella vaccinations; others recommend biannual vaccinations. Consult with your veterinarian to find out what’s right for your dog.)


Our daycare’s flea-prevention plan requires that our canine clients be reasonably flea-free. 

Our employees are trained in animal First Aid and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). We have protocols in the event of emergency illness or injury. 

Close Monitoring
Our employees are well trained in dog handling and behavior management and closely monitor dog activity at all times. We have relationships with local Certified Professional Dog Trainers and regularly consult with a reputable professional trainer or behaviorist to develop our playgroup guidelines and staff training programs.

Fun & Safety
Plenty of toys as well as equipment to play with or on or under. Access to safe, comfortable napping spots. Our staff interacts regularly with the dogs and walks them outdoors routinely to maintain house training.

Adequate Facilities
Our daycare is compliant with Occupation Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines and regulations, and has emergency training and plans. (OSHA is the government agency that oversees safety & health legislation in the workplace.)· Our daycare is clean, sanitary and organized. It’s cleaned twice daily to avoid any lingering odors. It’s free of debris and clutter. And has proper ventilation which is a critical disease prevention measure.

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